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안녕하세요? Hello, I'm Kelly that is my ...
국가: Korea (South)
도시: Seoul
성별: 여성 ( 34 세)
사용언어: 한국어
관심언어: 영어 ( 초급 )
사용목적: 영어회화
관심분야: 여행/관광
ePal 타입: 메신저

목록으로 가기
저의 ePal 목적은 < 영어회화 >입니다. 그리고 사용하고 있는 메신저는 MSN이며 ID는 XXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com 입니다.
  1. 내 소개 글  
안녕하세요? Hello, I'm Kelly that is my English nick name.
I'd like to making new friends especially foreign people.
I just graduated university major in Physical therapy.
I'm not good at English part in Grammar.
but I will try to learning.
and I want to know about another country, culture, thinking.
I hope we will good friend.
  2. 내가 찾는 친구는...  
not rude, not ask money, do not talk about weird things.

friendly, live in seoul because we can meet later through friend ships.
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